Wednesday, December 08, 2010

sentosa with churchmates♥

today was awesome pawsome!♥ I had a hell load of laughter hehe gosh so much fun! I actually kind of forgotten how retarded it was to hang out with this.. annoying bunch of silly people.

okay so i left my house to church, and i was kinda worrying i would be late, so i walked super duper fast, and i almost slipped due to my stupid slipper many times grr. then i reached there, i was the ONLY sec two there, so it was kinda awkward since i dont know anyone. then people started slowly coming, i regconised the dumbness of the people as usual -.-, then we said a little prayer, and headed for the bus. sentosa had better be ready for us rowdy people. haha gretel was using her iphone to let me listen to some really nice songs, and she told me all about her concert experience :D aww oh yes and and and and and haha when we were like at sentosa already, gretel moved to the back to "annoy chris" damn funny(: AND THEN WE REACHED THE BEACH :D so we headed to the luge, it was drizzling, but it stopped quite fast. We couldnt get a family deal D: so each person one ticket lorh. I went for the 2 skyride, 2 luge package. so expensive i tell you i am freaking broke after that damn thing. but super fun omg! gretel, kelly and i screamed our heads off while on the first skyride trip :D hah to relieve stress lah. we deserved it. but we are so freaking unlucky, we had the guys behind us -.- and they imitated us GAILY, and yes sang songs. wth "we are the world" and check yes juliet. damien was like " RUN BABY RUN " and then we were like ... YEAH GO RUN GO RUN TOTALLY MAN. the luge was damn fun :D haha it was my first time on it and i loved it so much, although i wasnt fast or whatsoever, I really enjoyed it alot. I went on the Jungle one first! heh then go up again, gretel threw her helmet at the guys, missed it , and it didnt drop on the net, but the grass. oh well! haha it was quite hilarious. then after that i went on the other trail shit what its name again haha, and i went faster, but screamed my ass off this time round. As I've said, stress relief (: Better than Panadol a million times. and yes i slapped chris like shit when we got down cos he laughed at me. and sean agreed that he deserved it. then as the guys went to cycle, gretel and i went to walk at the beach. I screamed even more at the sea, i finally did so i was so happy really. I loved the feeling of the soft sand, and the water gushing in, it has this calming effect on me. That moment I could no longer think of sad, angry or stressful moments, but I just felt bliss. I dont know I love beaches! ♥ haha then then err what happened ah D: oh yes, we went to see jac and kelly and took some photos, struggled with a little bicycle issue and went back to the beach place. back there, we saw the guys, and apparently my smart brother damien knocked into a truck. and injured himself. I was actually quite worried, but he appeared fine so whatever~ haha then i wore my cool shades, and the scenery just appeared a thousand times cooler. and we walked at the water again, went into this place while the guys played ball and got wet.. Not that i have anything to say about that. We gathered again, and played dog and bone. I kept forgetting my number, and honestly i just suck. haha but it was really hilarious on how the person can always escape with the bone. its not like strategy or what, just pure.. epicness(: haha so much fun really. then the tide came in, damn high tide man. disgusting too. so we went to KOUFU. and candice-in-debt moment came. wts. as of today, i owe gretel 11 bucks, and damien and sean i dont know how much but they claim its a treat~ i ate chicken rice but damn cold so gretel and i went outside and we sat down at the water area there and had a h2h talk(: then went back in, froze like shit, laughed at people drinking all sorts of things, and went back out. awesome pawsome. THIS IS THE FUN PART HAHAA. WATERRRR. All the other girls except gretel and i went to the bridge, so we were stuck with the guys. After some failed jumpshots, and successful ones, COUGH COUGH COUGH, I went into the water. haha with damien. damn epic (: he has no sense of balance, AT ALL. so he kept "almost" falling in and gretel kept trying to push him in, and his whole pants were wet. sean joined us later on, and yes another pants-are-wet fellow. difference? one cares, one doesnt. but damn shiok and cooling I LIKE :D haha whee then later the rest came back, and eventually somehow or another, chris carried damien into the "sea' and threw him in, and soaked. the other guys slowly submitted to their fate and got drenched. laughed like shit there. seriously gosh those people are mad fellows. but super funny it was damn fun, and i just couldnt stop laughing the whole damn time! haha then we went to vivoooooo! okay. cough. reached the cinema, had a curfew problem D:, had MORE MONEY ISSUES, and in the end, we decided on a 1600 3D Narnia show. YAYYYY SO HAPPY WHOOTS. haha then gretel and I followed damien and chris to the arcade. and then went out. and back in. and then we went to this machine, and out of nowhere sean appeared damn scary. haha and he came back with so much more money >.< RICH DUDE. so he treated us to cinema food. i was kidding but he was serious -.- haha then we went up to the lounge and were just very silly, we did this wave thing they copied from meeee HAHA DAMN AWESOME. so much fun ♥ then watch the movie. gretel and i kept telling damien and chris horny things ZIPPER cough cough hahaa then the movie started. throughout the movie i kept throwing popcorn at damien, and i ran out so i had to take sean's one haha! but narnia is awesome, though scary at times D: and damn cold! but ilovedit. then we went toilet, met jade and sophia there o.o haha but i didnt go toilet, queue too long! then i went out lorh. then the three guys came out. i was leaning against the wall, they were like a circle. so when those two girls passed by, i can totally imagine what they were thinking. 1 girl with 3 guys tsk. ahh whatever haha who cares man seriously. oh then go home. the rich kids took taxi (damien and gretel) while sean chris and i took bus. MY BUS CAME FIRST YAY.

omg i really love all my churchmates ttm ♥♥♥

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

did i mention i adore my batchmates? and yes, i finished songs of the humpback whale!(: great book!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

haha my blogger is freaking dead, and its not like as if my livejournal is any much alive either.
hmm today i went to the gym! yes i know, knowing such a pigso like me, i wouldnt last long at the gym. but its okay i spent 1 hour there, burnt off quite a bit of calories and also had fun and now i'm aching a bit but its okay. towards a healthier lifestyle!

i miss my friends already. like i feel as if since i came back from beijing, my relationships with everyone has changed. with my classmates, my batchmates and even a little with my churchmates.. its like as if i drifted away from all this people. i miss september. gah i should just freaking move on.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

harvesting the heart

i know I promised not to post ever again here until EOY D: sorry, apologies
but I had also promised to post after reading a Jodi Picoult book, so i have to break one promise, oopsies. And though this post is overdue since i finished the book quite a while ago, I'll try to remember as many things as possible. And thank you Christine, for buying this book for me, for opening up my views on certain things and for, giving me a birthday gift in the very first place, what i'll have to thank you for is, being the best deskie ANYONE could ever enjoy (:
Okay, Harvesting the Heart. Of course its awesome!!(: its about this girl, she was 18, then like her mother left her when she was young, then she met this guy when she left her father .. o.o its in the genes. this awesomely hot guy is nicholas prescott, the runner up to alex rivers ikr. haiz, alex is too perfect already, even nicholas cant win him. yet i'll still take nicholas anytime man. (:
hahas oops okay then like lemme continue, she got a baby. and she gave birth, and she couldnt take good care of the baby, and she wears out damn easily, which made her lose confidence in taking care of the baby as she had aborted her first baby. so she ran away again, to find her mother.. and then when she came back, nicholas ignored her ttm.. she went to stay with nicholas's parents who were actually rather awesome people, then the baby max got sick. real sick. and then the parents had sex again --" and the ending.. its plain retarded but i still love the book.
i guess i wasnt reading it at one go, so i didnt have much feelings about it.
but i do pity paige alot, not nicholas. o.o though i do think paige can be a bitch sometimes and nicholas is just.. OH SO FINE. :D

i cant talk liao, need to go sleep. bye peeps
this will be on my livejournal. in greater detail

Sunday, September 12, 2010

currently unavailable

hello my dear blogger (:

okays i'm sorry to have officially abandoned you after i created livejournal, and yeah i do feel rather bad about it :/ yet i cant make any promises -because they will be empty- that i will use you more often from now on just because i feel guilty.
however, i will use you when EOYs are over okays? (: i dont know which one i'll use more, but i'll still continue to love you as you are my first blog ever. and i know cherrie will murder me if i dont update this place, and since she's not able to view my livejournal, well yeah D:
should i unprivate my livejournal? nahh, it reveals too much..

here's the link. there's only one viewable post where i leaked out already on this blog.
dont bother going there, unless EOYs are over, or unless you have a livejournal and you wanna make friends.

my livejournal 

see you in one month and one week's time my dear blogger. Till then, I love you (:

the final showdown -reposted from my livejournal-

okays so i went there, and realised oh shit 174 stops like only 2 busstops away what the freak. then i walked and jogged my way there.. went to change, and got a call from isabelle in the toilet. then i went outside forever 21, and a whole group of monsters -i'm just joking- pop out and said "why you wait outside so hot" hahahas epicness. it was like what family renioun?! we hugged and i acknowledged every single one of them. i called chris ah gong only to find out hes my ahma D: hahas and then my stupid idiotic twin brother damien passed me my present which was what i so did not want but aww thanks(: hahas okays then then then. yayness~! hahahas okay then after the freaking hot sun, they were like why are we standing here. so we went in, aww crap i love aircon. hahas okays then erm nowhere to go again --" so hahas we just stood in one circle at the concierge. HAHA for a long time, and we laughed about many things while impatiently waiting for gretel kimmy marc and gladys. lol and finally after shit loads of laughter, they came :D haha we were outside.. then there was this charity thingo going on, and you pay money to get heart shaped balloons. guess what we did? HAHAHA make the hubbies buy the balloons for their wifes(: and laugh and laugh and laugh. okay after the super epicness.. daddy was like : EHH STACY. in a tough voice. WHICH WAS FREAKING EPIC. AND HILARIOUS. so i laughed like some shit even more with my brother. hahas okay then kimmy and i continued to cineleisure we acted like we dont know the rest. and we walked freaking fast. so we decided lets stop and wait for them. hahas and i leaned against the pole thingy acting cool HAHA.

okay so cineleisure (: we walked there, laughing even more, aww they are such cute people to hang with. hahas okays then we went to eat at pepper lunch. seating arrangements were a little awkward actually. hahas so girls sat with girls, guys with guys after all the hassle --" how usual segregation. and omt damien seriously bought me lunch what the shit?! hahaha i am paying him off, i am not what he called chris "freeloader". hahas after all he's my little twin brother! hahas and he was really sweet about it, he helped me to pour the sauce and erms when i didnt take fork and sppon he brought it for me :D aww! BUT anw. hahas then naomi (my grandpa) and i went to buy drinks yay ahhas and like my beef got burnt in the process of me buying the coke o.o hahas it tasted real horrible after that. and there were many freaking scandals during lunch.

erm gretel was being all shy with marc and stuff. okay i shall just copy and paste from facebook i am tired erms sean bought stacy lunch so it was all " AWWW " and kinda more teasing. and gretel was like " i can be marc's wife after i kill valerie" ... hmm oh and gretel and kimberly are stacy with shaun's kiddos because stacy had an affair against sean wts.OH. and when naomi told chris that he would have to "partner" gladys, he was all "NO I WANT NAOMI" o.o (: aya there are more little little scandals which are weird yet forgettable. ohh sth about gretel with marc which i dont really know what went on. whee but lunch was great (: there was alot alot of laughter that went all over, and many visits, and i almost choked on my miso soup and no i didnt finish my lunch but i'm paying for it. lol

okays continue :D we went then to book tickets. omt we tried fitting into the lift, and we thought it would overload but no! and we teased my little bro for no space but he was small enough anw. yayness :D hahahas okays then lemme think we went to get tickets.. 12 people haha i suggested we get 6 pairs of couple seats WHICH IS EPIC :D hahaha it worked out in the end i'll tell you about it later. (: okays continuing that. hahs erm we took forever to sort out money and finally YAY haha then we went to BOOK three tables omt. HAHA and damien went to buy popcorn for us yet erms.. WAY too early but still. lol his drink totally got drank by others + his popcorn was eaten by many too!(: okays there was alot of laughing in between but the best one was when stacy's leg got cramp. WOAH. HAHAHAHA everyone was super worried. in fact i heard " HER WATER BAG BURST ALREADY" wts. haha then gretel went to help out. and then daddy went to help which made me laugh like shit. didi stayed out of it, and after a while, i stayed out of the drama too (: give dada and mama private time. lol okays but in that second, i felt really really happy and blessed. i took sean and stacy as my real parents for one second, and felt, "so this is how it was like to have parents who love each other". and i was really really touched. i even almost teared. but i controlled myself. i dont know about the others and their family statuses, but for the 14 years i have been living in , i never knew how it felt. and in that little time, i actually experienced it and that was when i decided to get out of the drama before i really cried if i saw somemore.. D: thanks to the both of you <3

okay erm then the movie was the bestest thing i have ever went through. arrangment from the top : gretel with kimmy. gladys with naomi. me and damien. sean and stacy. alvin and daniel. chris and marc. HAHAHA THE BEST ARRANGEMENTS EVER. okay so when after i reserved seats specially for my parents.. we sat down, and i put my legs on daddy's chair. he didnt know. haha he put his head back., turned around and damien and i were laughing like some shit. okays that was simple beginning. then i kept throwing popcorn at daddy. once i overshot and it hit alvin. hard. haha and he scratched his head damn epic. in the whole movie i kept disturbing daddy i bet he is freaking pissed. HAHA sorry laoba D: then erm erm erm erm erm erm erm erm oh ya the kissing scenes. HAHA okays then everyone the guys in front turn around to stare at sean and stacy and then damien and i were like chanting kiss kiss kiss and making kissing noises. lol damn epic. the both of them got freaking embarassed(: AWW they are freaking cute little peeps then the last kissing scene also same. HAHAHAHA. i love this movie alot alot. and didi keeps trying to hit chris but damn epic fail. oh well lovely movie experience. thats why you should always go with different people. i watched this movie twice , and both times (Y)

then after that hang around. make more big circles out of nowhere. went to scape. ERM BIG MISTAKE. chris went to kneel in front of 987. i so dont know him. hahas i am lazy to type in detail already. ermmm then what else D: oh oh oh oh oh oh oh then go 313. take photos near the lift, kanna got erm "stalked" by security guards o.o oh wells hahas then kimmy and i left. i think the rest are still at gretel's house now. i feel damn abandoned oh well.
thanks for the awesome day people. although you'll never see this post in your whole life, do know that i still love you for the many memories you "bestowed" on me. i am thankful for everythinggggggggggggg<3 and this is like my first with-guys-experience. and i'm glad its memorable and fun enough. oh yay!(: i love everyone of you. stacy gretel kimmy gladys naomi sean damien marc daniel alvin chris in no particular order you are GREAT.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

stop letting me down

i'm really really really disappointed in you.
i forgiven you, but i find it very hard to face you. This is not the first time you broken your promise to me. And i am trying to figure out, whether you didnt do it because you wanted to secure your position, or whether you were just as blur as ever. But whichever one it is, I'll just let you know; you hurt me. You know how much i wanted this. You were the only person i trusted enough to know, the only person i dare muster up enough courage to tell you how i felt about this matter, and yet you were the one to cause me to lock myself inside the bathroom, crying.
this isnt the first time. and this was something that meant alot alot to me. something i was craving and working towards for a long term. YOU. in just three seconds. BLEW IT FLAT. and I dont know how come but i still love you as much. But if you ask me to talk to you right now, or if you come up to me with that goofy face of yours, i really really dont know what to do. I dont have the courage to look at you, because once i do, i may start crying when i am reminded of what you did. Yet i know that if i ignore you,You may get hurt and you may say that I am the worst person cos I am forever ignoring you. But can you please realize your mistake first? I dont want to hurt you. I dont want to hurt our friendship anymore, theres enough damage done. I want us to be happy, but if you continue with this i really cant put up a smile. I comforted you when you werent chosen, and when you were re-nominated i smiled at you. did you remember your promise to me? I'm afraid not. You let me down yet again.
My birthday is just this Friday. and because we're not having cca on tuesday, it'll be the first time we "meet again". I wonder whether you'll remember my birthday, and whether you'll remember my birthday wishes that you promised to get me. I really wonder. I trusted you, you have to earn that trust back. i know my birthday wish isnt something that you can get off the shelf. i wanted that a few months back, because i wanted effort and not money. i know its not something that can be done within a few hours. its not. but i say again, this is your last chance to make up for everything. next. even though its my birthday, i have no idea how to face you. really. everytime i think of this i feel like crying. its not the fact that i didnt get in, its the fact that you let me down, once again. i repeat i forgiven you already. i'm not angry but yes i am upset. but i have forgiven you. its abit hard to explain, but i think its best if we have a period of time we dont talk to each other. let me just think over things. if i have to come face to face with you, i may break down so please. just stop letting me down.


Monday, August 23, 2010


again, i am sick D: 
bronchitis;cough;slight fever;blocked nose;loads of phlegm;
the list goes on D:
just recovered from stomach flu, now i am suffering from lungs problems
how nice. i missed so many lessons already, i really cannot afford to miss more

Saturday, August 21, 2010

yog dance fantasia

yesterday makes it to my top ten nights in my life so far. it was a night where i was with all my beloved batchmates and seniors. it was a night where a performed a major dance together with them, a night where i heard the audience clap happily, a night where i felt love in the air. lets just start off from somewhere.
my friends arent exactly the most supportive of my cca. they probably look down on my cca, and making fun of chinese dance all the time. but it was last night that i realised, so what if they dont like it? candice, maybe its time you start to move their hearts and make them like it!
since LOA yesterday, we huazhuang and did our hair, i realised the meaning of friendship, and that caring is sharing. everyone shared everything we had, including our makeup, hair accessories.. we didnt care whether it was running out, we just shared, out of the love we had for each other. (okay sensitive skin is another matter) but this is just a simple example of how much we care and share! (: plus, we're always ready to help someone with their screwed makeup, or even if they are just plain lazy to do it, even if we are super rushed for time, and our makeup is even more screwed. its really touching thinking about it
okays leaving the dance studio with loads of nerves cos i scared i left sth behind D: but i didnt! and.. i saw my classmates.. mainly nichole ade christine elysia miyeon rachel cherise. they all wished me luck and i was really really touched to know that there are people out there, though they are not coming to watch me perform, they are rooting for me, and it totally took the nerves away. thanks people, for cheering me on. a simple jiayou/good luck works wonders dont you think?
okays when we reached... all this not so important. the performance was nice... yet to me it was the after perf. many seniors cried D: i didnt feel like crying till the retarded finale. because it was only then , i realised, all this would be gone. this is? 

it is the fun and joy i had. it started with laoshi putting me in a position. then i realised i was next to yixian. which made me bully her and maybe grow closer to her(: then i started talking to more seniors like dilys and yijun yay. and audrey and i also started complaining each time at the rolling for xiaohongdian which slowly gave me the courage to start talking to seniors. and progressively, i grew closer to so many more seniors which really made me look forward to each cca practice. of course my awesome batchmates i grew closer to people like huayi, made it up with linda, formed the 3s with huimin and grace, did more lifts with lynn, and went out more with roujing. there were the sad times. of course. the quarrels and river of tears i had over jessica, the times when i just kept trying yet i didnt improve, the times when i got scolded very badly over and over again, when i was lonely and no one noticed. but without these, there wont be what will stay in my head : the memories.
the sec fours are leaving soon. and i am oh-so very sad. there are so many awesome seniors there, who will also support me, cheer me up, and encourage me. when i am feeling low when someone scolded me, they will give me advice, or make some joke that within seconds i will forget that i was even sad. the sec fours also have taught me alot, not just in skills in dance, but in character. they are super helpful, and recently i grew closer to a few of them, but i really dont want to leave them. time passes very fast, and i dont ever want their farewell to come. they'll be in hwachong, and even if they come back those measly times, it wont be as nice as seeing their beautiful faces in the corridors or just in the dance studio, smiling at you each cca. their leaving is really saddening, because i love them alot, and they are super precious to me. i only had like.. three same dances with them? one main performance. the same dance. yet within just five months i bonded more with them. they bring me so much laughter, yet i am given such little time left with them, to repay them, to thank them, and just to be with them. seniors are one of the things that really make me love this cca and want to go to to cca practice. i wasnt going to cry yesterday, because i didnt want to make others sad. but during finale, the thought of them not being around anymore is really really so sad i almost teared. its hard to imagine how we had so much fun in such a short period of time, and how we grew to love each other more. they make the society so much better with their talents and all, i'm really really really going to miss every single one of them, none forgotten
to my sec four seniors, jiayous in your life and ily!


Saturday, August 07, 2010

perfect match.

This time, i bother putting up the photo. Yes, i am done with reading Perfect Match and i think its lovely. But maybe its time for a few comparisons instead of a plain ole review. I would relate this book to two other books by Jodi Picoult; The Tenth Circle and Keeping Faith.
Before that, here's the review :D i found the whole process interesting, and this was one of the fewer books that i read by her which i had bothered reading every page. the other books were My Sister's Keeper and Keeping Faith. -this does not mean anything. i love Picture Perfect most yet i skipped a whole main part- But anyway, the whole story was really nice and interesting. I found the lawsuit pretty cool, and it was nice to read about, the interesting way the lawyers listen for words which they can twist around, the reactions to the witnesses, and what Nina -the main character- was thinking all the time.
Okay this story is about Nina Frost, she's an prosecuter who prosecutes child molesters. Yet one day her child gets molested. She kills one of the suspects, and only finds out later on that its his half brother who raped Nathaniel - her child- Caleb her husband kills the real rapist. She got a jail term which is suspended. And she can no longer practise law ever again, but be an awesome mother for her child.
I found it quite sad for Nathaniel. He keeps thinking its his fault whenever something goes wrong, and he keeps himself quiet so that nothing will happen again. He's just five, and he's really really understanding. He loves his parents alot, and the moment Nina got put in jail again, he stopped speaking and he only signs "mother" which is very sad. He's very sensible. He knows when he does something wrong, and although its not good for him as he puts the blame on himself only, even when he got raped he thinks its his fault. He tries his best in everything , and he knows how to make his parents and everyone around him happy.  What a perfect child right, yet nothing is ever perfect.
Nina. i thought she's cool :D hahas the way she speaks, with confidence and words that make you really think deep.. And she really loves the people around her. She tries her best to protect her son, and maybe, just maybe, she was right in killing that guy. okays besides the fact she killed the wrong guy. but what she did was out of pure love and protection for her child. Which is why i seriously admire her. She knew from the very start that her life would probably take a roundabout when she planned to kill that guy. yet she did it. However, she thought she could control everything. no comments about that though. And she's pretty awesome in the fact that she really thought she should be punished , when she realised she killed the wrong guy. An innocent helpful guy who forgave her still. WOW. haha but i think she handled her relationships real badly. Example : patrick.
Patrick. Nina's bestfriend. He loves her, or maybe loved. maybe ever since he moved away, and the story progresses he stopped loving her. which i would feel is an absolutely sad thing. in fact, the fact that he left was the only sad thing in this whole story. Its like Picture Perfect all over again. He left because he needed to let go. He left out of love. haiz D: Okay, so Nina did commit adultery with him. But come on, they both love each other. He has done so many things for her, he knows her so well. Yet, there's no perfect ending for him D:
Caleb. I kinda pity him. As the husband of Nina, a murderer gone crazy, someone who cheated him. What a sad life. But he didnt treasure Nina well either. It was only when Patrick told him Nina climbed that 3000 miles for him, though she was super scared and could faint, he realised what a real treasure she really is. I THINK HE IS THE COOLEST IN THIS WHOLE BOOK. hahaha he went to kill the real rapist. I wonder what will happen in the end seriously omt.

Comparison. Tenth Circle : someone got raped. well yeah. its a youngster that got raped. well yeah.
Keeping Faith : it involves a mother's love for her child, and how much the mother would do for the child. and the lawsuit was really nicely fought, similar in KF.

it may not be my favorites. But its much loved <3


Friday, August 06, 2010

Many nights we've prayed

With no proof anyone could hear

In our hearts a hopeful song

We barely understood

Now we are not afraid

Although we know there's much to fear

We were moving mountains

Long before we knew we could


There can be miracles

When you believe

Though hope is frail

It's hard to kill

Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will

You will when you believe

In this time of fear

When prayer so often proves in vain

Hope seemed like the summer birds

Too swiftly flown away

Yet now I'm standing here

My heart's so full, I can't explain

Seeking faith and speaking words

I never thought I'd say


They don't always happen when you ask

And it's easy to give in to your fears

But when you're blinded by your pain

Can't see your way clear through the rain

A small, but still, resilient voice

Says help is very near


yay batch 12 first outing!

today was awesome awesome awesome!
except one part D: but i shall not let that get into my awesome mood (:
okays i didnt need to run cross country yay much
and i reached school slightly later. before 730 la (: yay to the dance studio! <3
okays then we danced.. and i kinda got scolded during dance. cos i was giving the super confused look, but laoshi says its the pissed look. and i wasnt pissed! D: i was just worried.. D:
and she forced me to smile D: well basically she scolded me. and for the whole day after that, she kept correcting everything about me. which is good, cos i would change! :D but felt alot of pressure, and i felt really stupid too D:but enough about that, makes me sad D:
okays okays okays then my batch went to orchard. we ate at koufu (: pepper lunch and coke ftw. then neoprints. met sec three seniors. then went to 313. shopped. coughcough. then left. wait i bought for one more day at 10 bucks yay humin ily for helping me save money. then left to take 111. and saw 8 sec fours on the bus. smiling sweetly at me. DONT YOU THINK THEY ARE STALKING ME. hahas then went home lorh :D
i am lazy to type too much. just wanna let you know how much i adore the whole nycd. be it batchies seniors juniors i love you all <3 and laoshi too ! :D


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

post exam joy

hello earthlings out there :D
i just realised i havent blogged in ages i feel guilty! its either i blog everyday, or i dont blog until i bother to. and its not like as if my life is deprived of worthy things that should be on the blog, but aya you know what laziness does to me. it controls me. after the computer and the tv that is. which is why i should seriously blame if i really fail the blocks. but i'll get to that afterwards
okays let me just list the things i can remember D: ohh yah yitong was sick for two weeks ): poor thing lorh, she not only miss all the lessons, but she so good miss almost all the blocks. pray that she can catch up! (: she so smart, its no doubt.
hmm i remember one thing! :D we did our china thing performance already!!! D: i think i screwed up quite alot, but i enjoyed the whole time. like since the very first practice. i guess its all due to seniors and batchmates♥ so thanks people for making my first dance with my batch so enjoyable and lovely(: ohh but then i kinda kept on getting scolded cos i had to switch place with someone and then it was really complicated and then i keep on cant get there , so before the whole damn thing i was super worried D: but it turned out fine, i think (: so it wasnt ohh too bad.
okays ermm church(: i saw the guy who wrote my science textbook omm! btw omm stands for oh.my.my. hahahas okays okays so i did willing hands with stacy's group yay. and i also did fishes and loaves which were fun! oh but. our group only had three people. plus rachel left halfway--" so its kinda like wo men yue bang yue mang. in the end, i realised that i help out at the drinks counter and help and count money is still the best to everyone. hahas diluted orange juice which looks like mango juice even after tons and tons of ice is loved ♥
yupp okays ermmmm and D: eclipse! hahahas i went with roujing. its apparently my bday present ♥ as in the movie ticket. but i still spent quite a lot of money o.o hahahs okays we did camwhore.. and we kinda enjoyed the movie quite alot so yay? hahas and we ate at kfc. but yah it wasnt a trip that was planned, its was a last minute OKAY I GO that kinda thing
ohh and jessica and i had a serious heart to heart talk, and we decided what are the major problems between us. however we had had not have cca after that, so i hope things will go okay.
okays the most tensed thing here. block test 2. one word : screwed. one more word : demoralizing. the standard for the WHOLE of block test 2 is really high , especially math and history. math was plain killer, everyone on facebook agrees with me. history the questions itself was not too bad, it was the time constraints. i think in each class at most also just 15% could complete the whole paper lorh. chinese was quite worrying, but chinese is always having this weird relationship with me, when i least expect to do well/badly, it gives me that. hahaa geography. okays i thought it was okay. but miss yip went through the assignment today. and it was kinda screwed): cos i realised i made the same mistakes in the blocks.. which would lead me to minus i dunno? around 4 marks? and thats just the confirm minus away already. plus miss yip also say our class the max-min temp question we did real badly. so we're kinda screwed. and geography was the only subject i HAD confidence in like puhhlease. LA i know i screwed up too. mr.chow sorta said the expectations? and i didnt really meet any of them... but i dont really care, cos in life, its all about making mistakes and just learning from them and moving on. okay fine i admit i do care alot, its grades. but i'm just praying and praying and praying i didnt screw up TOO MUCH D:
when i asked miss yip about taking geography next year, she listed alot of very fun and interesting things we would do! and the field trips are soo much cooler than trip science like please. can climb volcano you know :D and active one somemore.. look inside and smile(: awww and and and can go maybe australia or wherever and look at the coastal areas and stuff(: i should seriously sit down and think about my options. like everyone is joining triple science and is asking me to join it too. and triple science is also more acknowledged.. yet geography is my love♥  so so so so i really dont know.
any suggestions for a confused me dear earthlings out there?

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

warden-ing + NYCO Concert = ♥♥♥

two things this weekend, or rather, yesterday!
hmm church! hahahaa DID I TELL YOU I WAS GETTING MARRIED. omg i walked down the aisle of the church okays. next to a guy. ahahahhaa and i was wearing a ring so gang qiao.
but no i am not getting married, i did warden duty!!! ♥ so fun my gosh!
i did it with stacy's group. haha it was more fun than expected really! haha so freaky also! cos i was the first one to go down. then if i trip over something or embarrass myself somehow so paiseh right!! -this is extra but i realised i am taller than the other girls in my group wahaha beat that stacy-  okays it was kinda nice and many people were so generous and kind♥ i simply love these people omg. thanks so much!!!!! 
and and and and and and and and and then. CO CONCERT FTW!!! okays so i went looking damn weird but i reached there first lorh! then came chiting. then after a WHILE -coughcough- shuning the sexy came. miniskirt and highheels but yet shuning still looked short. hahaha next to me well of course! can show you pics later on facebook. then walked there. met isabelle♥ ooh ooh ooh i saw elena weiqing and siqi!!!! hahaas so cool i didnt know they were going. but yah. then we saw mrchow and miss lee! hahaa. so exciting. okays after camwhoring for a while, we settled down inside and the concert started!! omg the concert damn nice leh! the first song was awesome! we shouted " GO SYLVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" haha then we realised omg shit how if sylvia tang thought it was for her! but sylvia later on in interval said she recognised MY voice. WAHAHA my unique voice! okays then interval. nothing much besides the fact that sylvia seah came out! (: laogong ily♥
okays second part was damn awesome too! i loved the song chinghui and yitong that two songs they were in. HAAHHAA>< I AM SO BIASED! ♥ okays here's the funny part. when chinghui's group came out, after the emcee's speech, it was really quiet. so we went " GO CHINGHUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" SUPER LOUDLY. and chinghui gave us the " what the shit are my friends doing trying to humiliate me!" look. HAHAA WHILE LOOKING FOR US. AND GUESS WHAT WE DID?! WE WAVED LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE UNTIL SHE SAW US!!!! omg super epic. hahahaha! plus we screamed so loudly even yitong the rest who were backstage heard omg. chinghui was super funny.
omg huamulan was so long. like 16 minutes?! we were all dying. literally, dying by the 8th minute. hahahaha then the three songs after that we were also half dead. it was like SUPER LATE CAN. and my mum was zhui-ing me to go home at huamulan. which was only 920?! HAHAHAA. fail. ohh in the second moon song thingy, there was this part where we would have expected the whole song to end, BUT. it started again. shuning and i were just like omg... HAHAHAHAHAHA. laughing like shit. we sound super mean right! but its cos we cant appreciate chinese music! AND it was really late so we had to get home omg. hahaha okay when the whole darn thing ended we were super happy omg!
when the whole concert officially ended and people started leaving, i went up to yitong and hugged her! she was so happy! i saw jianing too and praised her!! (: then the rest came out. omg wait chinghui. that stupid idiot right, we were like " CHINGHUI OMG HERE HERE HERE CHINGHUI" and she gave us the shocked look and totally dao us. wts. but still super funny we went to her and TRIED taking photos but she went back in! i saw claudia too! hahaha. then we sorta left, after taking photos with yitong and chinghui. jianing went back with shuning and i via MRT. reached home at 11 ):

what i had learnt that day is going to a concert where you have many friends is one of the best experiences you can ever have. you may not appreciate their art of whatever, but you are able to appreciate their hard work. i have three close friends in this concert, and three other very good friends who are also very important in my life. when i see them play, i see them smile, i know that they are happy and i feel happy for them too. i feel like some mother too, cos i felt really proud of them at the end of the whole thing!! they put in so much hard work and time, and they really did perform their best! which made me super touched. when i saw the smile on yitong's face, it really made my day. it pleased me so much to see the geniune smiles from each of their faces, as those smiles came from their hearts. they probably might have thought " omg who would have wanted to go to our concert " or sth like that, but i tell you , i did not waste a single cent on this concert or time. every single note that they played, every single smile on their faces, it made the whole thing worth it. and to all those who put in such hard work for this to happen, i thank you and i am proud and happy for you♥

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Friday, July 16, 2010

its only through certain things, no matter how insignificant, no matter how much time it takes, thats when you see through the colours of your friends.
excuses. do they really work in this modern world that we live in? or are we simply running away from the problems that we have created with our own two hands. if you had really meant to do it, there's no stopping you.
likewise, if you had really wanted to help me, if you had me in your mind, even time would go all out for you. but i guess i wasnt what you would consider to help.
i know we're both facing alot of problems together. i was blaming it on her. but now that i realised, its actually our fault. and the problem lies in one word : understanding. yeah i think we do understand each other, but its all in the exterior. we dont understand each other enough to know what we expect from the other, and we may try subtle hints. but that will just make us even piss-ier when we do not get what we wanted. we may just run away from it, but the problem lies, and it'll just get bigger. yet, telling each other what we want in the face, is not the easiest, as we are both afraid to hurt each other. or make the other person be disappointed in us, and think we dont understand the other at all. its a chicken and egg cycle. Of course, the positive way is to just go and tell. Yet to me, by doing that, there is only two ways everything will end. 1. You get your way. 2. You sooner or later will lose everything that you once had. And since i cant afford to get 2. i rather not risk it.
I think we both want our own freedom and privacy. but the problem is, who we want to hang out with is not exactly approved.

i dunno, i just hope maybe it'll be better when things are back to normal, and maybe it'll be nice living in non-reality. again.

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